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Question: Do I need to have my yard surveyed?
Answer: You need to have your yard surveyed if you don't have a legal plat of survey or property 
stakes \ pins to mark your boundaries.


Question: Is it normal for a post to have splits in it?
Answer: Yes. The technical term for splits in a post is called checking. Checking happens when a "Center Cut" post shrinks. The check stops at the core of the post and allows it to expand and contract evenly without spliting. Checking will not shorten the life of a post or effects it's stability.  Checking is normal and can be expected on center cut posts only.


Question: Is Amerifence Licensed and insured?
Answer: Yes. You can request a copy of our insurance from the office.


Question: What forms of payment do you except?
Answer: We accept the following: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Personal Checks, Money Orders, and Cash.


Question: Do you offer financing?
Answer: Yes.  We offer programs of 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year. Contact the office for details.


Question: Do you build your fences on site or do you bring out panels?
Answer: We do both. The most expensive fences (i.e. Aluminum, Ornamental Steel, Wrought iron, Etc.) are all made before they are installed. Wood fences can be built on site or custom made into sections prior to installation.  Some fence designs/patterns must be made before installation and can't be built on site.  Your salesperson can assist you on design/installation options that are best for your yard.


Question: Will Amerifence use heavy equipment in my yard?
Answer: No.


Question: Does Amerifence remove the dirt?
Answer: As a standard, we leave the dirt because most homeowners can use the dirt somewhere on their property; however, we do offer the service of dirt removal as a separate charge for the homeowners that need to have the dirt removed.


Question: How deep do you set your post
Answer: Posts should be set approximately 36" in the ground. This guarantees that the post will be below the frost line and not heave through the winter months. Many companies will save money by using shorter posts and ignoring the frost line depth standards. Our grandfather used to say; "A fences beauty is above the ground, but a fences strength is below the ground."
Question: What is heartwood?
Answer: Heartwood is the industry term for "center cut". The core of the tree is the best cut of the tree to use for post and 2x4 frames. Heartwood last twice as long as "sap" or outer grain cuts of tree.





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