Deals on puppy-picket fencing around Indianapolis

$45 per Panel

Puppy Picket Add-on Sections

Aluminum puppy picket add-on sections are 6' long and 16" tall. Each pressed spear picket is 5/8" with 4" of space between, making these add-on sections great for most residential grade aluminum fences. Just screw the sections to your existing fence panels to keep your small dog(s) in the yard, and save money!

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Discounted cedar privacy fencing around Indianapolis

Limited Availability!

Cedar Privcay Fence - Chesapeake Design

We have pre-made 6ft high cedar privacy fence sections. The boards and fence frames are 100% cedar. Fencing sections are 8' long and include four 2'x4' frames. This fence was constructed to stand against high winds. The fencing sections are new and priced at great rate.

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