Frequently Asked Questions

Amerifence has been serving the Indianapolis area since 2003. Request your free quote for our fence installation services by calling (317) 207-9499.

Why Amerifence?

Amerifence is a fourth-generation, family-owned business that serves more than 2,500 customers each year. Over the last 20 years we’ve earned a 99%+ customer satisfaction rate. Our experience, size, and dependability set us apart from the competition. Plus, unlike other companies, we offer installations year-round!

No. Amerifence is a privately owned fourth-generation family business.

Yes. Amerifence has a business license with the state of Indiana and is fully insured with liability and workers compensation.

Amerifence offers residential and commercial fence products in maintenance-free vinyl, maintenance-free aluminum/steel, chain link, and cedar fencing in privacy, shadow box, spaced picket, and custom designs.

Preparing for an Estimate

No, our estimates are free.

Amerifence can do “online” and “off-site” estimates, as long as a legal boundary survey, previous bid, or drawing with measurements can be provided; however, it’s always best to meet with one of our fence consultants on-site. A fence consultant will provide samples, pictures, and advice. Also, it’s important for our fence consultant to inspect the work area for easement, utility, and landscape obstructions that may affect the layout of the fence project.

Amerifence has been doing fence projects in the Indianapolis metro area for decades and has installed tens of thousands of fences in hundreds of subdivisions. We will probably know the answer; however, it’s best to get a copy of your HOA guidelines and do some research on your city’s fencing restrictions. Most of this information should be available online.

Amerifence offers appointment times Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Special early morning and later evening times can be offered by request and availability.

If available, a legal boundary survey and your HOA fencing guidelines. It’s OK if they’re not available; however, that means the quote may not be accurate to the property’s description and/or restrictions and may need to be revised later.

HOA / Surveys / Permits (What to Know)

Amerifence will install a fence where you would like it to go without a boundary survey. If your fence gets installed without a legal or accurate boundary survey, the homeowner will take responsibility for the location and installation of the fence (per contract). It is recommended to know the legal description of the property prior to installation. This will prevent disputes on the property line and potential legal issues and costs to redo the fence project.

A survey location report or mortgage survey is not an accurate description of the property’s boundary. These are primarily used to secure title insurance on a property. Survey reports will have a disclaimer that states, “The information provided should not be used for the construction of new improvements or fences.”

We recommend scheduling a proper boundary survey, or the homeowner will be liable for the placement and installation of the fence (per contract) and/or any disputes that may arise from the fence installation.

Both of the following options are free:

  1. Check your closing papers/packet for a copy when the home was purchased.
  2. Go to your county courthouse and/or local city/town hall and get a recorded copy of any survey that has been done on the property.

There are numerous land survey companies that can be found online to provide a survey for your home. Amerifence can recommend a reputable company upon request.

The best and most accurate survey for your property is a permanent “pinned” boundary survey with a print map.

Most towns don’t require a permit, and our office/sales staff will likely know the answer. However, it’s always best to check with your local city to see if a permit is needed and get an update to any changes on their fencing guidelines and restrictions.

Fence permits run approximately $25-$35. Check with your local city/town hall for the exact pricing.

You will need the following:

  1. A copy of your property boundary survey (plot plan or survey location report will work).
  2. A “highlighted” layout or “site map” drawn on the survey of where you want to install the fence.
  3. A copy of the fence contract (optional).
  4. A picture of the fence.

You will need the following:

  • HOA. It usually takes 14-30 days for HOA approval.
  • Permits. Permits are usually given on the spot but can be delayed up to a week.

Payments / Warranty

Amerifence accepts payments by check, cash, credit, and debit cards (Visa®, Discover®, Mastercard®, and American Express®).

Amerifence has a two-year labor and material warranty on all wood fence products and a three-year labor warranty on all maintenance-free fence products. The material warranty on maintenance-free products usually has a limited lifetime from the manufacturer. Your fence consultant will provide all details on the product you're interested in buying.

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