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5 Reasons to Say Hello to an Aluminum Fence Installation

Choosing the right fence for your Greenwood property involves more than just buying what catches your eye. Consider what it’ll take to maintain the fence, how durable it is, and how it fits with the look of the rest of your property. If you find yourself lost in the sea of fence options, Amerifence can help. We suggest you consider a uniquely versatile contender – an aluminum fence. Here are five some of the top reasons to install an aluminum fence in your yard.

Amerifence Greenwood Aluminum Fence Installation

1. Unbeatable Durability

When weighing aluminum fencing against other options like wood or chain link fencing, durability makes aluminum a clear winner. Unlike wood, aluminum doesn’t rot or warp, and unlike chain link fences, it doesn’t rust. An aluminum fence braves the elements like a charm, withstanding different types of weather without demanding frequent repair or replacement.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Step away from the cycle of regularly staining your wood fence. Aluminum fences are truly a hassle-free fencing solution. Most aluminum fences have a powder coat finish that combats rust, chips, cracks, or peeling. All they ask for is a casual hose-down once in a while.

3. Heightened Curb Appeal

Installing an aluminum fence is a sure way to level up your home’s curb appeal. Whether standard spacing, tight spacing, puppy picket, or custom design, you can channel the high-end look of wrought iron fencing without burning a hole in your pocket.

4. An Environmentally-Friendly Option

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, an aluminum fence is a responsible choice. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and contributes remarkably less to landfill waste than other fencing materials. Also, consider that aluminum fencing is long-lasting, so it won’t need to be replaced as often as other types of fencing material.

5. Security and Adaptability

Aluminum fences don’t just look great; they also cater to your security needs, protecting you and your family against potential invasions. Plus, its adaptability to different landscapes makes it a seamless fit for properties with unique contours and slopes.

Whether you want to upgrade your fencing or install a new one, choose an aluminum fence for your Greenwood home. Trust Amerifence, your go-to expert for fence installations in the area. Contact us at (463) 388-0308 or request a free quote online today!