Fence Installation 101: Do I Need a Permit?

When it comes to your Indianapolis home, a well-designed fence can be a game-changer. Whether you’re aiming to boost curb appeal, give yourself some privacy, or define property lines, a fence installation can transform your property. However, before diving into this next project, it’s good to understand the nitty-gritty details surrounding permits and Homeowners Association (HOA) approvals. In this guide, the professionals at Amerifence will answer some practical questions and provide you with a clear roadmap to make your next fence installation a success.

Amerifence Indianapolis Fence Installation and Permit

Do I Need a Permit?

One of the first questions most people have is whether or not you need a permit for your fence installation. The answer for most Indianapolis neighborhoods is, thankfully, no. Nevertheless, it’s always a smart move to check with your local city authorities. They can confirm whether a permit is necessary and provide any updates on fencing guidelines and restrictions. Our knowledgeable staff are likely to have the inside scoop and can help you with your questions about the process.

If you find yourself in the rare situation of needing a permit, don’t worry! The process is straightforward and wallet-friendly. Fence permits typically cost around $25 to $35. But for precise pricing, consult your local city or town hall.

What Documentation Do I Need for a Permit?

You’ll need the right documents before approaching your city or town hall for a fence installation. Luckily, this same paperwork can usually be used for HOA approval. To secure a permit, you’ll need:

A Copy of Your Property Boundary Survey

When you think about it, it makes sense that you should clearly understand your property line before installation. A copy of your property boundary survey, also known as a plot plan or survey location report, will prevent boundary disputes and potential legal woes. The most accurate survey is a permanent “pinned” boundary survey with a print map. If you don’t have a proper survey, we can point you to a reputable land survey company in the area.

A Highlighted Layout or Site Map

It’s helpful for decision-makers to visualize your plans for your fence line. Draw a highlighted layout or site map on your survey, illustrating precisely where you intend to install the fence. Imagine it’s like creating an artistic blueprint for your fence.

Optional: A Copy of the Fence Contract

While not always required, having a copy of your fence contract could speed up the permitting process. We suggest including it so if there are questions, the decision-makers have more than enough information.

A Picture of the Fence

A visual aid can speak volumes. Provide a picture of the fence to help authorities understand your project better. This is especially helpful for HOA approval.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved?

If you’re part of an HOA, you might be nodding in agreement when we say they value the aesthetics of your property. HOA approval for your fence installation usually takes around 14 to 30 days. While permits are typically granted instantly, be prepared for a potential delay of up to a week.

Fence installation for your Indianapolis home can be easy with a trusted team by your side. And with the right information, you can navigate the permit process smoothly and tackle HOA approval with confidence. Contact Amerifence at (317) 207-9499 or request a free quote online. We’re here to help you every step of the way!