Fence Installation Tip: Don’t Skip Your Yard Survey

If you’re considering a new fence for your Indianapolis property, you might wonder if it’s necessary to have your yard surveyed before installation. The reality is that a yard survey is crucial to ensuring a smooth installation while adhering to legal requirements. At Amerifence, we’re here to provide valuable tips on fence installation. Let’s explore the reasons behind hiring a professional to survey your yard’s boundary before enjoying your new fence.

Amerifence Indianapolis Fence Installation Tips Boundary Survey

Understanding Yard Surveys

A yard survey is a detailed legal description of your property performed by licensed surveying professionals. This comprehensive assessment involves precise measurements, locating property boundaries, identifying existing features, and noting potential obstacles. A yard survey provides crucial information to guide fence installation, ensuring it’s placed accurately within your property lines.

Who to Call for a Survey

When it comes to requesting a yard survey, numerous land survey companies are available online. These professionals possess the expertise and equipment needed to survey your property thoroughly. We can gladly suggest a reputable surveying company upon request if you’re seeking recommendations. We’ve served the area long enough to know that whoever we recommend will give you top-notch service

Choosing the Right Survey Type

The best and most accurate survey you can order for fence installation is a permanent “pinned” boundary survey with a print map. This survey involves physically placing markers (pins) at property corners and recording their precise locations. You’ll clearly understand your property boundaries with a detailed print map, enabling us to install your fence with utmost precision. Ensure you’re requesting the correct survey since more than one type of survey is offered.

Yard Survey Benefits

Investing in a yard survey offers multiple benefits for your fence installation project. Understanding your property’s boundaries and potential challenges allows us to plan and execute the installation more efficiently. Moreover, a survey ensures compliance with local regulations. It prevents future legal complications and ensures a successful and hassle-free fence installation, whether using cedar wood, vinyl, or any other fencing materials we offer. 

Don’t just guess where your property boundaries lie. By conducting a yard survey, you can rest assured of the accurate placement of your new fence and enjoy its’ beauty, knowing it’s exactly where it needs to be. If you plan to install a fence at your Indianapolis area home, we can help you with the process. Contact Amerifence at (317) 207-9499 or request a free quote online today.