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4 Signs You Need a Custom Fence Installation

When you’re planning to make an upgrade to your Westfield area home with a new fence, sometimes a standard-issue fence just won’t fit the bill. That’s when it’s time to consider a custom fence installation. At Amerifence, we’ve installed fences for thousands of Indianapolis area homes, with each yard being unique in its own way. Here are a few reasons why a custom-designed fence may be just what you need.

Amerifence Westfield Indianapolis Custom Fence Installation

1. Address a Uniquely-Shaped Property

Imagine a yard with twists, turns, and unique angles that defy the simplicity of a standard-issue fence. This is where the magic of custom fence installation comes into play. Instead of compromising, a tailored fence can weave around your yard’s irregularities, providing a seamless and attractive boundary. We work with you and your unique property to create a fence that fulfills your particular needs.

2. Preserve Historical Charm

For those who own a historic home, preserving its authentic appearance is important. A custom-designed fence can blend harmoniously with the architectural style of your historic house. In this case, it’s not just about security; it’s about maintaining the unique character of your property and ensuring it stands the test of time. 

3. Improve Your Look

A custom fence is more than just a practical addition to your yard. It can improve the look and feel of your property. With the ability to choose from various materials, styles, and finishes, you have the freedom to craft a fence that’s not only secure but also a work of art. Whether it’s a classic wooden picket fence or a modern design, the possibilities are limitless.

4. Highlight Particular Property Features

Sometimes, the need for a fence extends to special areas on your property. Perhaps you have a garden hidden away in the corner or need a fence to encircle a particular feature. Custom-designed fences allow you to address these specific needs with precision, ensuring you get the functionality and the overall feel you desire.

When it comes to custom fence installation, we’re your trusted partner. We also offer standard fences like cedar wood, aluminum, vinyl fencing, and chain link fencing. No matter what fence you choose, our team understands the unique needs of homeowners and the importance of seamlessly integrating your fence into your property’s design.

For your custom fence installation needs in Westfield and the Indianapolis area, contact Amerifence at (463) 348-1770 or request a free quote online today. We don’t just install fences; we work with you to create custom works of art that stand the test of time.