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Public Vs. Private Utilities: Get the Facts Before Fence Installation

As an Indianapolis homeowner, there’s a lot to remember to properly care for your home. And when it comes to knowing the difference between public and private utilities for your home, the truth may surprise you. At Amerifence, we know that understanding the lay of the land beneath your property is foundational before any fence installation project begins. Let’s look at some examples of public and private utilities and why marking them before the fence installation process is required by law and can help keep you safe. 

Amerifence Indianapolis Fence Installation Utilities

What’s the Difference Between Public and Private Utilities?

Public Utilities

Utilities are the backbone of essential services, and public utilities are owned and maintained by dedicated companies. These services encompass everything from electricity and water to gas, communications, and sewer systems. The key point to remember is that public utility companies bear the responsibility of maintaining these underground facilities.

Private Utilities

Private utilities, on the other hand, fall under the property owner’s purview. It’s your responsibility to know what private utilities lie beneath your property.

Examples of private utilities include:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Electricity lines to detached structures like garages or shops
  • Connections to propane tanks or septic systems
  • Gas lines for grills and outdoor fire pits
  • Electric dog fences

Utility Safety During Fence Installation

Before a fence installation, marking utilities on the property is helpful to prevent damage to unseen utility lines underground. Also, Indiana law requires homeowners to have the lines marked before digging. If you call 811 at least two days in advance, a public utility crew will stop by and mark the underground utilities on your land. The service is free and ensures the safety of all parties involved. It also helps prevent damage to the lines during installation.

On the other hand, for private utilities, property owners are responsible for marking and protecting these systems. Doing this before our professionals are scheduled to arrive can help the installation process go smoothly and reduce the likelihood of complications. 

Knowing the difference between public and private utilities is crucial in planning your fence installation for your Indianapolis home. Contact Amerifence at (317) 207-9499 or request a free quote online today so we can be your partner in installing the perfect fence for your property in a safe and hassle-free way.