Childproof Your Yard With These 3 Helpful Tips 

Your kids are your pride and joy and that’s why it’s important to you that your children are safe and secure as they play outside in the yard of your Westfield home. Childproofing your property can take some planning. Here are three valuable tips from Amerifence on childproofing your yard without compromising style and practicality.

Amerifence Westfield Childproof Your Yard Fence Installation

1. Install a Privacy Fence

When it comes to childproofing your yard, one of the most basic steps is installing a privacy fence. Our selection of cedar and vinyl privacy fences offers a range of features that will keep your children and pets safe while enhancing your property’s appeal.

What are the benefits? First, these fences are taller than semi-privacy fences, ensuring that curious little ones cannot easily climb over. And with closely spaced fence slats, there are no gaps for kids to squeeze through. Also, privacy fences act as a wind block, protecting your loved ones and your precious plants. Highlighting your property line ensures neighbors respect your boundaries, creating a secure perimeter for your family.

2. Consider an Outdoor Railing System

To further safeguard your kids, consider incorporating an outdoor railing system. Install handrailings along decks to contain pets and prevent falls from dangerous edges. Place them around basement window wells to keep out animals and protect children from potential accidents. We also offer front and back porch railings to guard against falls and on steps with steep stoops. Not only will these railing systems provide added safety, but they’re a great design feature, too.

We specialize in helping homeowners and businesses address unsafe areas of their outdoor structures. With our range of aluminum, vinyl, and cedar options, you can find the perfect railing for your needs.

3. Boost Security with a Reliable Gate Operator

Regarding child safety, a gate operator is an often overlooked option. The reality is. with a gate operator in place, you can rest assured that only authorized individuals can access your property, keeping your loved ones safe.

We’ve worked with homeowners, businesses, apartment complexes, and HOAs to provide the highest level of security on their properties. Our services cover many options, from single-swing residential gate systems to double-swing systems. For HOA pool gates, we offer magnet lock entrance systems for an added layer of protection. Additionally, we specialize in commercial multi-telephone and security-based entrance and exit systems.

At Amerifence, we are committed to helping you create a secure and child-friendly yard. Although there are more childproofing tips out there, implementing these three tips can significantly enhance your property’s safety.

To childproof your Westfield yard with an outdoor railing system, gate operator, or residential fence installation, contact Amerifence at (463) 348-1770 or request a free quote online. What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards creating a safer yard today!