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From the forest to the Mill​

From our factory to your Home

Amerifence uses the finest Cedars found in North America. Cedar, "The wood Eternal", is known for its superior resistance to decay and rot, while having excellent dimensional stability.  Cedar products are the best for outdoor durability and they accept stain and paints well.  A well built Cedar product by Amerifence will stand strong for years, while maintaining its natural shape and beauty.

Below are the Types of Cedar Fences offered by Amerifence.

Cedar Fences

We were in a bind, as the first company we called and selected did not return our call for several weeks.  I called Amerifence and within hours they had confirmed a date and time to install our fence.  They were very professional, yet extremely friendly and kind to me (I was VERY pregnant at the time and could no longer walk our dogs!).  The installers were professional and did a great job with the install!

★★★★★   Lil Johnston 

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Amerifence, Inc.  4340 Hull Street  Indianapolis, IN 46226   Office (317) 571-1200

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